Quality Policy

Quality Policy

   In order to guarantee the effective implementation of operation tactics directed in our company, the President, Mr. Jeff Hsu, has decreed that the content and rules of the quality policies must be observed by the staff collectively. As the company’s President, Mr. Jeff Hsu is responsible for a variety tasks, including: personal management of representatives; the setting up, implementation, and quality maintenance of the administrative system; understanding the needs of customer  demand; reporting the quality and effectiveness of all levels of management within the administrative system, and promoting improvement to achieve “first-class quality, sincere letter service, professional work ethic, stability, and innovation.” 

·First-class quality

   Our company’s concept of quality is to deliver supreme quality in our manufacturing, service of goods, management and administration that aims to ensure the confidence and trust of our customers and to forge a positive connection between our employees and customers.

·Reliable customer service

   Strengthen interpersonal skills, and communicate with customers with clarity and understanding. Always maintain a good attitude and be helpful, consistent, trustworthy and responsible towards customers.

·Professional Work Ethic

   Every department of the affiliated unit must work together, continuously strive for improvements, attain customer satisfaction and attend to their needs, and ensure quality expectations are met.


   Have a professional and proper work ethic. Maintain consistent work productivity, look for ways of achieving higher performance, balance, and efficiency, and actively study and implement new plans.


   In the face of a technology-driven world which is constantly changing and presenting challenges, creativity and determination are among the most valued and sought-after skills today. Develop the new products, explore technological frontiers, share ideas; the possibilities are limitless!